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Statewide Arts Events

Events across the state for artists and arts enthusiasts. Click here for upcoming Artist Trust career training events.

July 2014

August 2014

  1. EDGE offers artists a comprehensive survey of professional practices through a hands-on, interactive curriculum that includes instruction by professionals in the field as well as specialized presentations, panel discussions, and assignments. EDGE provides artists with the relevant and necessary entrepreneurial skills to achieve their personal career goals as well as to develop peer support and exchange.

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September 2014

  1. We’re all a little “starstruck” when it comes to our favorite movie stars. But nobody does it better – or more hilariously - than musical funnymen Captain Smartypants. From silent film star Charlie Chaplin to noisy film star Sandra Bullock, Starstruck shines the spotlight on the movies we love the most, and those we love to roast.

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October 2014

  1. The Vaudevillians,” a fictional 1920s duo, were literally frozen in time while touring in Antarctica. Thawing out nearly a century later, they discover their original music has been co-opted throughout the years—and they’re not going to stand for it.

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November 2014

  1. It’s 1963 and an assassin’s bullet catapults Lyndon Baines Johnson into the presidency. A Shakespearean figure of towering ambition and appetite, the charismatic, conflicted Texan hurls himself into Civil Rights legislation, throwing the country into turmoil.

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December 2014