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Statewide Arts Events

Events across the state for artists and arts enthusiasts. Click here for upcoming Artist Trust career training events.

September 2014

  1. The event will bring together leaders from across Seattle to explore and celebrate the relationship between design and leadership, illuminating the vision, ideas, processes and relationships that ultimately frame the ways in which we envision, experience our lives and create community -- across disciplines and at multiple scales.

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October 2014

  1. Enjoy hundreds of arts activities all month long, many of which are free and family-friendly. From music to dance, theater to visual art, literary readings to cultural events, we have you covered.

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  2. Metal-Urge includes 24 metal arts events, 10 metal arts workshops, and 22 venues exhibiting the metal work of over 75 talented regional artists and includes jewelry, sculptures, vessels, home décor, enamel, and artifacts.

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  3. The Vaudevillians,” a fictional 1920s duo, were literally frozen in time while touring in Antarctica. Thawing out nearly a century later, they discover their original music has been co-opted throughout the years—and they’re not going to stand for it.

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November 2014

  1. It’s 1963 and an assassin’s bullet catapults Lyndon Baines Johnson into the presidency. A Shakespearean figure of towering ambition and appetite, the charismatic, conflicted Texan hurls himself into Civil Rights legislation, throwing the country into turmoil.

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December 2014

  1. Join us for what MovieMaker Magazine calls the "top 5 coolest short film festival in the world." Couch Fest is a cozy shorts film fest that bring world-class short movies out of the cinema and into non-traditional venues like living rooms, boats, community centers, and more.

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